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Our Customer Stories

Get an insight into our customer stories and how they have adopted Markforged additive manufacturing technologies.

Russell Mineral Equipment | WA

A global leader in it's field, RME looked to Markforged to produce prototypes that are both strong and accurate in-house. This has lead to time saving in their product development process and equal saving in cost by being able to deliver products and services to their customers faster.

Future Engineering | WA

Future Engineering is a machine shop with a fleet of the latest equipment in both CNC and 3DP that services Oil & Gas, Rail, Mining, and Defence. They turned to Markforged to be able to product high strength, accurate components for their customers and their internal manufacturing processes.

DCISIV Technologies | QLD

As a young company within the Australian robotics industry, automating processes has become crucial to the survivability of the company as a result of higher wages and operating costs in Australia's manufacturing industry. Having the ability to rapidly prototype using Markforged AM technologies has helped the company become a key competitor in their field.

Innoflight | QLD

Innoflight, a UAV manufacturing company focusing on lidar surveying found Additive Manufacturing technology the solution to high MOQ and lead times for developing prototypes. This technology reduced their production costs, downtime and design issues due to having a Markforged readily available to print their parts at a push of a button.

Lift Industries | QLD

Using Markforged AM technologies, Lift Industries have seen positive results in cost and downtime reduction. Markforged AM technology not only creates complex geometries, saves on time and costs but is user-friendly - As simple as "print and play".

Caladan Oceanic | QLD

Caladan Oceanic, own the deepest diving submersible in the world "Limiting Factor". The only sub to be able to do repeat dives to full ocean depth. The team at Caladan Oceanic are also heavily involved in science and research with institutes around the world. Caladan Oceanic chose Additive Manufacturing to initially help with rapid prototyping to understand if a part fits, but now are manufacturing parts with their Markforged printer as they are able to print complex geometries very quickly and easily. The printed parts are fitted inside the pilot sphere.